Commercial Services

Handy Hagens commercial services

Handy Hagens is a convenient and affordable resource to call when maintenance problems occur. We can handle your projects from start to finish, drawing on our experience with thousands of previous maintenance issues. A ceiling tile here, a paint scrape there — before you know it the list has surpassed your available time. The professional craftsmen at Handy Hagens do it all and we do it right, the first time!

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Residential Services

Handy Hagens residential services

The professional craftsmen at Handy Hagens can complete over 1,162 home repairs and improvements. Reclaim your weekends and put our expertise to work, schedule your jobs today.

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Monthly maintenance tips


• Check for damaged, discolored, or missing ceiling tiles
• Check all water sources for leaks & drain speed
• Tighten door handles, closers, and hinge screws
• Check doors for bumpers and proper closing
• Review all flooring for damage
• Vacuum out all compressors and grills

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Turning houses into homes

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